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Local 501 Las Vegas Organizing
Sponsored by the International Union of Operating Engineers

Local 501 Training Center

IUOE Local 501’s training center in Las Vegas offers eight core classes every year. The center also periodically provides 30 additional courses and has numerous nationally and locally recognized certifications. In many Strip contracts, Local 501 members receive bonuses worth over $2,000 annually for various licenses obtained through the training center.


Local 501 members working at most properties on the Las Vegas Strip receive an ANNUAL BONUS from their employer for various licenses and certifications earned at Local 501’s Las Vegas training center.

Members have an opportunity to earn over $2,000 CASH PER YEAR for these license and certification bonuses.



Local 501 believes in giving its members opportunities to improve at their craft. A highly-trained member is a worker in demand in Las Vegas.

The Local 501 TRAINING CENTER offers 9 core classes every year and over 30 additional classes on a periodic basis. Classes are free to members.


William Rider, now an instructor at the training center, discusses the quality of the union training center and explains how easily finishing the apprenticeship series can lead to an associates degree with only a few additional classes
Shop Steward at MGM Signature, Larry Lisby, encourages capitalizing on the excellent and inexpensive union training facilities to take full advantage of the certification pay available through his union contract


Local 501 Apprenticeship Coordinator & Training Director, Thomas Ervin, describes the impact that licensing bonuses have had on training center usage


Thomas Ervin, Local 501 Apprenticeship Coordinator & Training Director, explains how training costs are paid by participating employers through the union contract
Bill Cook, Engineer at Mirage reports that the yearly license bonus alone more than covers his union dues.