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Local 501 Las Vegas Organizing
Sponsored by the International Union of Operating Engineers

Local 501 Contracts

IUOE Local 501 has secured improved compensation and working conditions in collective bargaining agreements for maintenance engineers and slot technicians on the Las Vegas Strip – including at the Bellagio and the Mirage, two resorts previously run by Steve Wynn. With the current organizing effort, Local 501 aims to lift the standards for safety, training and compensation for engineers and slot techs throughout the greater Las Vegas area.


Local 501 members working at most properties on the Las Vegas Strip receive an ANNUAL BONUS from their employer for various licenses and certifications earned at Local 501’s Las Vegas training center.

Members have an opportunity to earn over $2,000 CASH PER YEAR for these license and certification bonuses.


Shop Steward at Mirage, Lee Winemiller, describes a frightening possible scenario under "at-will" employment status
Shop Steward at NYNY, Robert Santucci describes the way he and other employers were included in contract negotiations to determine what changes were most important to the employees of NYNY


Robert Santucci, Shop Steward at NYNY, explains how his relationship with management has changed as a result of the union contract and becoming a steward


Bill Hudson, Senior Electrician at Bally's, says he feels relief as a result of gaining Weingarten Rights
Lisa Farmer, Engineer at Mirage, says the contract they received was very favorable and there were only benefits for becoming unionized


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